February 19, 2020

Worm Factories

Do you already know what’s compost? If not, it’s basically food that’s been turned into something else for the soul purpose of fertilizing crops. There’re many different kinds of compost machines that you can buy. But, there’s one that I’ve always wanted and now have: a worm factory! My grandparents got me one (with my mom’s help) for my 17th birthday this month. Me, my mom, and my grandma are all excited about this neat new machine.

Worm factories are super cool (in my opinion at least) because you can raise live earthworms at home and harvest their waste to fertilize your plants. You keep your worms in bins full of dirt. Whenever you have leftovers that nobody will eat, you can fed them to your worms and they’ll eat it up. As they live in you worm bins, all of their urine will travel down to the bottom of the whole factory and out into a container you’ve provided for catching it. That worm urine is useful for keeping your potted plants healthy.The worms’ feces is also useful compost, you can use it in your outside garden to fertilize your crops.

There are most likely bunches of websites that has worm factory stuff for you. But, I suggest you try looking at Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. That’s where my worm factory came from, and so far it looks good to me. I advise you to do a lot of research on worm factories before starting because there’re a lot of foods that aren’t good to feed worms. I also suggest you start you first worm factory with red wrigglers because their easy to deal with. I hope that you start a worm collection of your own some day. If you do, then good luck!

PS, if you do buy worm factory equipment from Uncle Jim’s Worm farm, please tell them I said “hi”.