February 26, 2018

Where to get Supplies

Getting good beekeeper supplies is important, because you need it to do stuff when beekeeping. Luckily, I know a few places to get reliable beekeeper supplies.

Lets start with hive parts, and wearings. You can get goat-skin gloves, a good smoker, good frames and box-building kits, and a hat-veil at Kelly’s Bee Supplies. They have possibly the most reliable supplies I know (at least in my opinion).

Next, construction equipment. You can get construction equipment from any hardware store, but I personally suggest Menards. They have lots of construction equipment there as far as I can tell.

Finally, honeybees. You can’t easily find someone who sells bees. But, I happen to know someone who does, Bastin Bees.

All of these are good places to get reliable bee equipment from. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to use them. But, if you do go to Bastin Bees, tell them I said “hi”.