March 12, 2018

The Yearly Schedule

Scheduling your beekeeping year is important because the weather changes often throughout the year. You want to get the schedule right so that you don’t damage the bees in any way. I happen to know what the yearly schedule should be.

January-March: This is when you can just study beekeeping, buying construction supplies, and building hive parts. April: This is when you check for winter starvation. May-September: This is when you do your hive inspections all the time. (September’s around the time when you should start extracting any honey that’s in the hive.) October: This is around when you should prepare your hives for the winter. Very important! November-December: This is when you can relax until the weather’s cool enough again.

So, this is my idea of what a beekeeper’s yearly schedule should look like. Now, you don’t have to follow my idea to the book, you can adjust according to your local weather patterns.