August 13, 2017

Spring Gardens

Flowers are a huge help to bees, because they allow bees to collect pollen and nectar to use it to make honey, beeswax, and more. Very early flowers are helpful for giving early pollen & nectar to allow hives to multiply.


Fall is the best time to plant bulb plants, which are good for stuff like: 1. Blooming early. 2. Not getting eaten early by deer, since they are slightly poisonous. 3. And some of our favorite bulb plants, including daffodils, crocus, and tulips, are pretty & make lots of nectar.

Daffodils, pictured above, come in various shades of white, yellows, and oranges. They bloom from early to mid spring, depending on the breed of daffodil.

Crocuses, below, are the earliest bloomers. They can come up as early as Late January or early February, when there is still a crust of snow on the ground! They will certainly be in bloom by mid-March, even after a harsh winter, and will be finishing their bloom when the daffodils and tulips are just beginning.


Tulips, below, come in many colors. Some are neat and straight, others are fluffy “double” petal tulips, or have frilly fringes on their petals. Many are bi- or tri-color flowers. Tulips are cheap and easy to grow, and will bloom from early to late spring.


The best part is that all of these bulb flowers are perrenials. This means that the same plant will grow and flower again year after year, instead of needing to be re-planted year after year. As long as the soil is moist and well-drained, and you don’t let them get too crowded, they will keep blooming every year!