September 23, 2018

Requeening a Hive

I had a hive that was queen-less. And hives without a queen are in danger, because the queen is their only egg-layer. So, I did the best thing: buy a new queen!

Re-queening a hive is easy and simple. I’ll tell you how it’s done.

  1. Go to somewhere like Bastin Bees to buy a new queen.
  2. Ask for a queen (I just asked for a tagged queen to spot her better), she”l come in a little cage with a few workers.
  3. When you get back to your queen-less hive, replace the tape on the cage entrance (that’ll be completely filled with sugar candy) with duck tape.
  4. Opene up the hive.
  5. Put the cage into the hive between two frames (you’ll want to press them together and make sure the part where you can see into the hive is facing strait down).

When a few days have passed, you’ll want to check the queen cage to see if the bees have eaten through both the tape and sugar candy. If not, you’ll need to remove the tape to make it easier for the bees. If the sugar candy is still not penetrated, you’ll need to remove the candy itself. The queen shouldn’t be in the cage for around a week. Hopefully, it won’t come to that.