April 27, 2019


Last week, my mom and I went to Menard’s to get some gardening supplies. We got some seeds, pots, and potting soil. On the weekend, we got to re-potting our basil and planting our petunias. I would like to share with you how to plant seeds and re-locate plants into pots.

Re-potting a plant is trickier than just planting a seed into a pot. It requires care because if you aren’t gentle, your plant will be damaged.

  1. You’ll need pots to re-pot your plants in. You must have a hole in the bottom for a drainage so that any extra water can get out and not drown the plant. So, if your new pots don’t come with a hole, you can drill one of your own.
  2. You’ll need potting soil, I mean what’re plants without soil, huh? How much soil you’ll need to fill each pot depends on the pot’s shape and how much dirt is moving with the plant from where you sprouted it.
  3. When you have the potting soil in, you’ll need to kinda massage it to break it up.
  4. The next and last two steps are where you need to be more careful. You need to gently remove the plants out of their old soil, (if your plants grew in little starter pellets, you can just take the whole thing) making sure not to harm the roots, and into the pots.
  5. Once you’ve done so, add more potting soil to prop the plants and cover their roots. Finally you need to water the plants really well , and that’s it.

Planting seeds into pots is easier than re-potting plants. You just need to put seeds into the potting soil rather than put already-grown plants in, so you won’t have such a tricky time. I hope that this info will prove useful and that you’ll grow many beautiful flowers in your yard for everyone, including the bees to love.