April 29, 2018

Medicinal Honey

In my post “Honey Recipes,” I talked about how honey can be used to make delicious food. But, did you know that honey was used for medicinal uses? It’s true!

Honey has been recognized for its healing properties for thousands of years. Both the ancient Greeks and Mayans used it. In fact, science in recent years conformed its medicinal value. According to Wikipedia, “Some evidence shows that honey may help healing in skin wounds after surgery and mild (partial thickness) burns when used in a dressing…” For this post, I’ll make a list of a few of the health recipes that I found in “The Beekeeper’s Bible.” I’ll also put in the page number in case you happen to have the book.

  • Warm Honey and Cinnamon Drink, Page 380
  • Honey and Cinnamon Toast, Page 381
  • Local Honey and Pollen, Page 384
  • Green Mountain Salve, Page 385

I haven’t it yet, but maybe next time I get hurt or sick, I’ll try some honey.