June 23, 2018

The Bee Race

No, not like a race to the finish line. I’m talking about the different types of bees their are. You already know about bumblebees. so, I’ll tell you a little about three other bee races that I learned from reading “The Beekeeper’s Bible”.

  • Carniolan Bee: A subspecies of the Western honeybee. Native to Slovenia, southern Australia, parts of Croatia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. Gentle, disease-resistant, and able to defend itself against hive pests.
  • Italian Bee: Native to Italy and Sicily. The most widely distributed race in the world, particularly to the UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Less hardy in cool regions, but gentle, good at foraging, and disease-resistant.
  • African Bee: Native to southern and central Africa. Very disease & pest-resistant, and defensive.

These three races of bees aren’t the only ones I found in “The Beekeeper’s Bible”, and I doubt that they’re the only ones, apart from bumblebees, that are on the entire earth. But, this should give you an idea of what kinds there actually are.