July 22, 2018

Cleaning Duty

Last year, my honeybees died in the winter due to lack of food. I planned to get new bee colonies, but there was one problem… one of my hives were infested with wax moths, which are moths that feed off of wax found in beehives. I had to clean them out, and do you know how one can do so?

Materials: * A plastic tub (or more, depending on how much you can fit). * A plastic bucket. * Water. * Dish soap. * Bleach. * Scrub brush. * Something to cut with.

How to clean: 1. Take out a plastic bucket. 2. Pore some dish soap and fill with water. 3. Cut honeycomb off. 4. Get out scrub brush and soak in plastic bucket of dish soapand use it to scrub hive parts. 5. Take out a plastic tub. 6. Pore some bleach. 7. Fill the tub halfway with water. 8. Put whatever hive part(s) in, fill the rest of the tub with water. 9. Let soak for 30 minutes, then flip the hive part(s) over in the tub and let soak for another 30 minutes. 10. Pull out hive part(s) and scrub again. 11. Spray with water and let dry.

It’s a long process, but I’m sure that if you do your best, you’ll have clean hives to reuse.