October 16, 2017

About Beeswax & How It's Used

Beeswax is a very helpful material. For bees, it’s used to make honeycomb for storing honey, larva eggs, and more. For us, it’s used for lots of other things!

Beeswax can be used to make candles. (In fact, lots of the world’s candles are made out of beeswax!) There are many ways of making candles. Candle pouring was the original and only way of making very long candles by hand. Using a ladle, wax is poured down the wick into a reservoir. The wick’s rotated during pouring to ensure an even coating. Another way of making candles was candle dipping. How it was done, was that a wick was tied to a weight at one end, using a ball of cold wax, dip it in a few times (depending on how thick you want the wax to be), and tie it around a pole to dry & cool.

There are many other ways of making candles and other uses for beeswax, such as making sealing wax, that you can find out in “The Beekeeper’s Bible”.