July 30, 2018

Bee Moving Day

When it comes to starting beekeeping, you need to get bee equipment and colonies, I already made a list of places you can get that kind of stuff on my post “Where to get Supplies”.

But, if you already started beekeeping, lost your bees, and want to start over like me, you’ll want to start by washing your old hives of any wax moths you may have in any of your hives. You can learn how to do so on my post “Cleaning Duty”.

When you get your first bee colony, you need to tie the nuc (that the colony came in) to the trunk of your car when bringing it to where your going to tend the hive. After the ride, you’ll want to leave the colony under a tree near the bees’ new home to let them adapt to the weather.

After a while, you can get to the easier part. (You’ll need to put on your bee gear on for this) Remove the lid and feeder, then open up the nuc. Replace the frames in the hive with the ones in the nuc (if all the bees don’t get out of the nucs, hold the nuc upside down over the box of frames and shake the bees off into the box). Then, you put the feeder back on, fill the foil tray with sugar syrup, and put the lid back on.

It might be a little tricky here and there. But, it’s worth it.