November 25, 2017

Bee Bookkeeping

When you’re beekeeping, it’s important to keep track of… pretty much everything. That’s why I suggest using a binder to record all your hive inspections, debts, how the bees are doing every day, etc. In fact, I already have a bee-binder to book-keep these things!

Bee-Binder side

See how I labled the side of the binder “Bee-Binder”? That’s a good way to know which binder I use for beekeeping. And you can just add any kind of design you want on the front, I just put my bee-logo on the front because it fits the theme.

Bee-Binder front

I have a pocket on the cover of my binder to store in some paperwork and hive inspection sheets that I want to keep around.

For the front page, I have an index for all my other stuff. (And as you can see, it isn’t complete but I’m trying to come up with more stuff to keep track of.)

Bee-Binder Index

For the first chapter, I have my bee notes to keep track of how the bees’re doing every day (at least the days I remember to check the bees).

For the second chapter, I have a place to keep track of all my debts and what I bought. This is important because I need to keeptrack of all my debts and make sure to pay them fully.

And for the last chapter, I just put extra sheets of paper in case one of my chapters runs out of room, or I have another debt, and/or hive inspection, etc. So this should give you an idea of a good way to keep track of everything and I hope you have an easy time recording things. (PS, it’s good to have white-out in case you make a pen mistake and different colored pens while having a binder like this.)