March 25, 2018


There are many fun things you can do as a beekeeper, one of them is bearding. Bearding is when a big swarm of bees gather up into a mass. Some beekeepers like to be silly and trick the bees into clustering on their chin to form what looks like… a beard!

Thomas in His Circus Act in the 1760s

In fact, in the 1760s, a man named Thomas was popular for his “mastery over bees”. He would encourage the bees to cluster on his arms, chest, head, and chin into a bee beard. His circus act also involved getting the bees to follow him around the ring, while on horseback; for his final swarm would land on his shoulder. Thomas did this by copying conditions of a natural swarm.

I found this interesting, since I didn’t know that people could do stuff like that or even that they did it in circuses along time ago. Who knows, I might even do it myself. Boy, that might weird out my mom! And maybe you might to.