Bee Feed

Bees can forage up to 2 miles from the hive, but that doesn't mean you never need to feed the bees. Bee feeding is important when you raise bees of your own. Although you don't have to feed them all the time. You only need to fill the feeders when they're empty until the hive weighs about 100 lbs.

Feeders are boxes where bees go to get food for the hive. When starting beekeeping for the first time, you want to feed the bees a special type of syrup called sugar syrup. To make a batch of sugar syrup, you'll need to have 25 pounds of sugar, 1 cup of an essential oil blend that's good for bees, and water. Then you stir the stuff up real good. This'll give you 5 gallons of sugar syrup to start up the bees. You really need to mix about one half-gallon of essential oil blend at a time.

Put one cup of water in a glass side blender and add:
Bee Essential Oil Recipe (From Don the Fat Beeman)

  • 1t wintergreen oil
  • 1t spearmint oil
  • 1T tea tree oil
  • ~15 drops lemongrass essential oil.

Blend for 5-10 minutes or until completely emulsified. The liquid will turn cloudy. Pour the contents of the blender into a 1/2 gallon ball jar and fill with water. Shake vigorously and add 1c per 5 gallons.

Once your hives weigh 100lbs each, stop feeding sugar and begin filling the feeder with water. This frees up more bees to harvest nectar, and produces more honey. This is how you properly feed your bees.